lawyer jasmine george receives the laadli award for her npo hidden pockets beside sushma seth
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After Harrowing Gyneac Visit, Lawyer Helps Thousands With Safe Abortions

The night before India went into its first lockdown in 2020, 24-year-old Poornima (name changed) received alarming news — she…

Awabai Wadia
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This Lawyer Led India To Adopt World’s 1st Nationwide Family Planning Scheme

Sebelum India mempelopori keluarga berencana nasional pada tahun 1952, konsep-konsep seperti ‘pengendalian kelahiran’ dan ‘agensi wanita’ tampaknya paling asing, mengingat…

Priyanka Khimani, Celebrity Lawyer, Adviser
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Working from Age 15 to Support Family, Lawyer Represents India’s Biggest Stars Today

Priyanka Khimani understands the finer nuances of the gargantuan entertainment industry in India like very few do.  In her remarkable…